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somewhere in thyme asked {last february – yikes!},

“Jane, I read your diet and have a ?, you never mention any dairy products, do you just not eat them?”


i definitely eat diary products. milk and other dairy products have a certain amount of lactose (milk sugar}, but they are a very important part of a diet. especially for women and having strong bones as we age. lactose is a good-carb, you want to include one or two small servings in your daily carbohydrate count. i keep them in moderation.

one typical breakfast for me is: grape nuts with a some raspberries, splenda and half & half. the more fat your milk/cream has, the less sugar. but keep serving size in mind when loading up! i also love these, for a snack. i include a lot of cheese in my day whether it be mixed in with scrambled eggs for a morning egg sandwich or on a turkey sandwich for lunch, or string cheese. but those are definitely my main three ways i get dairy. half & half, low-carb yogurt, and cheese.

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  1. Thanks Jane. I don't eat a lot of dairy but, like you. I think it is especially important for women to include dairy.

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