rain room

when i was in nyc last week for alt summit, i had one thing i really really hoped to see (and experience) if i had any extra time – the rain room at the museum of modern art. what is the rain room? a field of falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected.

rain room at the moma nyc via seejaneblog

rain room at the moma nyc, dancers pose via seejaneblog

…it was wildly incredible.

have you visited the rain room? if you’d like to go, make sure you plan according for the time it takes to wait in queue, and go early — 7am early! having a moma membership is a good idea too – you can get in one hour earlier. they shut down the queue once capacity is met for the day.

maybe you won’t have the opportunity to see it in person – check out this video:

the rain room was designed by rAndom international.

{photos taken on my iphone, by the kindest strangers i met in queue who greatly aided me in getting in to the rain room!}

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  1. I follow you on instagram and saw these photos. I had no idea what the rain room was, but thought the photos were beautiful. Well done kind strangers! They are definitely wall worthy. Now I totally want to find a rain room.

  2. The photos are breathtaking and the experience seems surreal. Thank you for also posting the video as it helped capture the experience in words, if that is even possible, and bring the essence of the design to life. Simply Lovely. =)

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