racing the cane

ok, here is the “more details,” as i promised…

daphne posted this on her blog, and i’m am just re-stating what she shared…

Join us in the Race against the sugar cane

Racing the Cane
When: 9/19/09
Where: Mountain View High School, Orem Utah

A fun way to get your whole family involved in Humanitarian work and physical fitness!
*50% of proceeds go directly to help impoverished kids in the Dominican Republic.
*We will be collecting used shoes at the race to send to the DR so the kids there can have a RACE of their own through the sugar cane fields!
daphne & gina are partnering up with RUN 13 who put on huge fun-filled events with blow up toys, music, and food.

my baby papa and i have started training. a few people have asked for the “training guide” we are using. click here to find it. we started on week three, and it was a good choice for us. you can decide where you fall on the guide physically and pick-up-there.

start running right now! go! go! go!
really, what have you got to lose?
you’ll be doing something good for your health and supporting a good cause…

i hope to see you at the race!!!

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