racing the cane

i posted about my inspiring bestie, here and here last year.

this year, she has gone above and beyond

like you cannot even imagine!

daphne has taken her musical talent and mixed it with her passion
to serve. {check this out!} with that mix, she wrote, composed, and
recorded her very own song this year!

who does that?

my bestie.

i’ve thoroughly, with tears, most the time,
enjoyed this process with her vicariously.

in june, i sat next to daphne, on her piano bench in her home,
and listened to her sing with her two oldest daughters,
while she also played the piano.

her music was a mere five or six letters she had scribbled on
a piece of scrap paper in front of her. it’s magical.

she said, the words just came to her, she had the tune in her head,
so she just sat down and played it all together, one day.

a-MAZ-ing, right?

then in july, as we were sitting by my pool, watching our kiddies swim,
i listened to a handful of her recording ideas for the
background music. offered my opinions…
and waited for the final song!
this process, has really been cool.

i just sit there and cry, most of the time.
between her passions for the spanish language, serving around
the world, and music…it’s almost too much to handle.
especially for an emotional gal!

now. in august, the song is recorded!

{daphne, madi, and aubree in the recording studio}
and, it’s time to start running again!
lace up your shoes, hit the road or treadmill
and get ready!

last year, the race was a great success.
everyone donated shoes for the race in the dominican republic,
and the race there was out of this world…
above & beyond successful.
it was declared a national holiday, even.

on september 18, 2010,
daphne’s song “racing the cane’,
will be sung by the One Voice Children’s choir before the races begin.
her daughters Madi & Aubree will be singing the solos,
just like they do on the recording.

you won’t want to miss it.

register in advance for the race, here.
even if you can’t make it, or would prefer not to run,
the donation really helps.

Racing the Cane, 6K/3K/1K
Date: September 18, 2010
Time: 8:00 AM
Location: Mountain View High School –
645 W. Center Street, Orem

download the song by clicking here:

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  1. Ah Jane … Now you're making ME cry! Thanks for bragging me up- although it make me blush. 🙂 But most of all thanks for your help all along the way. That day at your pool made ALL the difference! Love you!

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