Racing Cane…

was amazing.
beautiful success.

the ‘one voice children’s choir’ sang daphne’s song,
and most of us had glistening eyes.

so proud of my bestie.

this will forever be one of my favorite saturday mornings, for our family.

so fun to wake-up and start the day with all of us running. not just us.
we were surrounded by daphne, her family, neighbors, so many dear friends…

this group pic below is moi with my munchkins and
some of their friends pre-races…

i’ve come to the conclusion, that the rhodes are sprinters.
we are not long-distance runners, by nature.

myla & kiana had huge leads after lap one in their groups,
then lap two,
they kind of struggle…

but, kiana took 2nd place for her age group!

myla did excellent, especially considering the tears she had from a bad side ache.

kj brought up the rear for his group,
he did not want to run.
i was so proud of him for finishing!
two laps is a LOT for a guy his age!

and…. drum roll!

little miss three was so cute!
she ran one entire lap without stopping,
she had a firm grip on my hand the entire time.
it was as though she feared i was going to let go of her,
and take off running on my own. {hehe}

she took 2nd place for her age group, {3 and under!}

5 responses to “Racing Cane…”

  1. So awesome! What a great thing to do as a family. Little Sela is a champ! I can't believe that she hung in there so well.

  2. I love this! Good job to all your kiddos for participating. Tell KJ that finishing with a smile is more important that what you place. 🙂 (of course I would probably be screaming at the top of my lungs at my kids to go faster, faster, faster,…) Maybe I should do more charity work so I'm not so competitive 😉

  3. i love that Sela did her first race!!
    I loved watching all the kids, especially dancing! haha

    i'm making my kids wake up for sure next year! 😉

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