quack quack

the first touristy-thing we did in massachusetts was take a “duck” tour.

what is a “duck tour?”

well… you board a W.W.II style amphibious landing vehicle that travels on land and water, and you tour downtown boston –

including the charles river.

you cruise by all the places that make boston the birthplaces of the american revolution and a city of firsts. from the golden domed state house to the boston common, the historic north end to {my favorite} newberry street, quincy market to the prudential tower, and more…

i wasn’t sure how well the kids would pay attention, but everyone loved it. no one was fidgety, or bored, or restless… in fact, husband and i would go again just to absorb all that history one more time!

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  1. They have the same duck tour here in Cincinnati-and we’ve done it twice! It’s a great activity for relatives visiting us-we love learning the history of our city-and the “dry” humor!

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