purple haze lavender farm

we fell in love with this place. if i ever get the opportunity to live on and run a lavender farm… i will not pass it up. pending, i also live near a big city of course. my soul splits itself between two perfect places to live. i’d like to spend time in a quiet rural cottage {or beach house} where i could watch my kids play in wide open spaces all day and a manhattan apartment where we go and enjoy the nonstop city life. and, i’d like a cool roof garden in the city to overlap the two. ::smiles::

i am so happy here, squeezing and watching my kiddos write chapters in their Washington-trip childhood books. hopefully these are memories they will never forget.

our SUV during this road trip smelled beautifully like lavender. each time we opened the doors, the scent welcomed us.

where would you live, and what would you do if adventure sent you the invite?

{all photos by me.}

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