pumping gas, with tears.

“Raise your hand if you have held a baby big or small. Raise your hand if you have ever given advice to someone younger than you. Raise your hand if you have worried about someone day and night. Raise your hand if you have cried for joy at someone else’s achievements. Raise your hand if you have cared, fed, bathed, and nurtured someone other than yourself. For all of us with our hands up, clap and shout because this day is for you! And I do include all the guys out there as well that take on both mom and dad roles. Today I celebrate everyone who has had a hand in inspiring the life of another. To achieve greatness, to be more than you think you are, to feel unconditional love is to have been mothered.”

on sunday afternoon, right after our family had a beautiful mother’s day brunch at our traditional place – sundance foundry grill. i was at a local gas station, pumping gas into my suv. and while waiting for my tank to fill, i pulled out my iphone, and checked my google reader. i read the above quote on the tribal times blog. and, within seconds, i was pumping gas, with tears in my eyes.

after reading the above passage, i was overcome with gratitude, i was overcome with heartbreak from mothers i know who have suffered losses. i was overcome with the beauty in creating families, and the villages we create to raise our families… and, my heart was swelling with the most sincere admiration for those who mothered me.

i hope in some way, each of you felt the beauty in the holiday on sunday. that in some way, your souls were touched with peace.

god bless, those who mother.


{all photos by me.}

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  1. awww! That is such a great quote. I was in tears too, just on my sofa instead. 🙂
    What a lovely tradition. Love Sundance! My family has some property that is about 2 min. up the Canyon from there and so I grew up going there and skiing there, etc. Such fun memories.

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