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A portrait of my children (and puppy), once a week, every week, in 2015.

Kiana: She registered for her senior year classes this past week, and we are all in disbelief she will be a SENIOR!!!

Myla: Spent the entire week playing tennis and golf outdoors! Sixty degree temps in February.

KJ: Joined a new travel baseball team, and a new haircut all in the past week.

Sela: Since last September this girl has been requesting to quit dance. And as a parent, this is a tough situation for me, she is on a “company” and has a year long contract. For weeks it was ALL she talked about – wanting to quit! She begged, she cried, she wrote us letters almost every day about how badly she wanted to quit. Then. THEN, she had her first performance in January and her second performance this past weekend – this changed everything!!! All of a sudden, she LOVES it and is caught saying things like, “next year when I’m on a company…” She especially likes wearing makeup. (yay!!! for a happy little dancer!)

Wellesley Baloo: Sleeps like a little human when we’ve really exhausted her.

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