Port Townsend

we ventured out of Sequim, and headed to Port Townsend for one day. it still amazes me how much sunshine we had during our 10-day trip to Washington state. we spent six of those days in the Pacific Northwest with only ONE day of rain. most of you will never understand how amazing that is…

Port Townsend is a small section of the northwest that reminds me of the northeast. a beautiful waterfront community with no shortage of sail boats, seagulls, and fresh seafood.

while driving into the area, we spotted a VW fair and had to stop!

says Kiana: this is the car i want, exact color, when i turn 16!

lets all remind her of this in 16 months. it’s so practical for a four-season location! maybe it will be time to move to southern california by then…

KJ looks like Shaggy here with his long curls and VW bus, am i right?!?

* spotted: my kiddos standing with their legs crossed in the goofy-exact-same-way. do you notice when your kids do things like this???

the next morning, we headed out of Sequim and onto our next stop…

{photos by me.}

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