i hosted my annual pomanders party this week. my home was oozing with the scent of oranges and cloves! it was a lovely night.

this is a fun thing to do – have you heard of a pomander? pomanders originated in the medieval times, women would stud oranges with cloves and wear them as a form of sachets to smell good. nowadays people re-create them during the holidays as a festive activity, and then you can put the oranges on display in your home as decorations. set a few in a bowl, hang them around your kitchen… the perk: they smell so good!

how to make a pomander:

  1. tie ribbon around the orange. {this is optional}
  2. using a toothpick or small nail, stab little holes in the orange as a stencil for your design.
  3. press whole cloves into these holes.

advice: purchase your oranges and whole cloves in bulk at costco for the best prices, unless you have a farmers market near you that is still open, you may be able to find better prices there.

gather those you love and spend time with them! xo.

{photos by me, follow @see_jane on instagram for seasonal festivities!}

5 responses to “pomanders”

  1. Pomanders! I never knew it had a formal name, but we used to make these when I was a kid. We would have a bowl full during the holidays, they smelled wonderful and kept for such a long time.

    I came via Design Mom today and you have me hooked. Just when I thought I need to cut-down on my blog following. 🙂

  2. I’ve never made these but have seen them before. I think I just might give them a try this year. How long do they last for until they need to be discarded?


    • hey Rebecca. the pomanders easily last a few weeks, there is a spice rub recipe you can google to rub on them if you want them to last years – but we like making new ones each year. 🙂

  3. Jane I am curious if you have ever posted a list of your annual events that you host… parties, dinners, craft nights, etc. What makes the calendar every year? I would love to be inspired! Thanks!

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