plane awesome valentine’s!

…for KJ’s valentine cards {also called friendship cards in this neck of the woods!}
i wanted something that he could create almost on his own. + treat free.

he really enjoys making paper airplanes {what eight-year-old boy doesn’t?!?}
so… we purchased a chunk of red card stock & he went straight to work making these:

my little man really got into it, he googled airplane patterns, and was folding and cutting and making each one really unique.

download the plane cool labels here!
you can print them on regular paper & glue onto the airplanes {this is what kj did.}
or print on full-page label paper, and have them ready to peel’n stick.

what do you think?

on friday i will be posting a few of my favorite valentine ideas from around the web + a gift guide for those you love!

{photos by me.}

11 responses to “plane awesome valentine’s!”

  1. With three boys ( two who make paper airplanes all. The. Time)…this is SO up our alley. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. That was just plane ridiculous how cute those are!! It’s so fun listening to how different schools are around the country. I’ve never heard of them being called friendship cards or not allowing to give candy unless its in a really strict private school, but your kids are at a public school, right?, but new adventures and new adaptions. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I don’t have any kids but i work in a preschool so maybe i will do some one of these.

  3. I love the simplicity of your valentines! I think just a little card can do the trick, love the plane idea.

  4. Perfection! Absoulutely doing a rendition of this for my 8 year old. He makes airplanes at school all the time…so perfect. Keep those fabulous ideas coming@

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