Pivot 2.0

This past Tuesday I attended the coolest event – Pivot 2.0. what is Pivot 2.0 you ask?

…a networking event for Boston women involved in business, technology, and social media. Pivot’s goal is to provide women at all stages of their lives and careers the chance to come together to network, share their stories, and eat cupcakes.

I heard about Pivot 2.0 via one of its team members Christine Koh of Boston Mamas. I am a contributor for Bostom Mamas, and I could not be happier that I decided to attend this event. It was networking at it’s finest!  Clearly, I had a good time:

Whitney Johnson, the author of Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When you Dare to Dream spoke about how to invest in yourself in new ways for remarkable gains. Whether in your personal life or career she talked about finding the confidence to take the first step.

The entire time Whitney was speaking I was touched – I sat in my seat grinning because everything she had to say deeply resonates with me. I reframed from jumping up and shouting amen sistah! a handful of times. Shouldn’t we all – Dare. Dream. Do.

We are living at a period of time that is all about networking. Connecting with others and sharing dreams – ideas – collaborating. Whether online or in person, we should be giving and receiving support for what we each hope to accomplish. This is what it’s all about –

Every person I met and spoke with at Pivot 2.0 either informed me about some really cool thing I can be a part of in Boston or we made plans to meet soon for coffee. It was insta*girlfriends on steroids. I can’t wait till the next event…

Boston Mamas – moi, Hillary, Christine, and Paige.

{images via caroline cook photography}

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  1. that looks like an incredible experience! i can see why the massive smile lol I’m going to look into more networking opportunities in ireland, they must be so informative and empowering 🙂

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