pike place market, seattle

we spent half a day in seattle. i have always adored the indie-chic creative culture in seattle.  if the sun shined a whole lot more, this would be one of my top choices for a place to live.  as you walk the streets it feels like a small town, complete with historic buildings, green plazas, and a quaint business district puzzle-pieced together around a beautiful waterfront. pike place market is where it all merges for me. there is raw live music, the country’s best fruit and veggies {dude. so good, you gotta eat them on the spot!}, local flowers, and authentic personalities all dwelling together. this market alone, is worth a trip to the northwest.

one highlight of the entire Washington trip – was the fresh produce. I’m not sure why, but we have a hard time finding really good fruits & vegetables here in New England. After a year in Boston, i think we’d forgotten the true flavors, and it was so good to be reminded. it was so good to have my kids experience this market and all it has to offer.

if you’ve never been to pike place market – their fish market is world renowned for their entertaining sales tactics. my myla was a bit disturbed when a large fish went flying by her face, and the guy who caught it had the fish kiss the lady next to us.

you can check it out here. it’s good to have fun at work. {this is not our video, and you have to get about 1:20 into the video to see the craziness.}

{photos by me.}

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  1. I live here in Seattle and it’s been so fun to see your adventures! Thanks for reminding me to get out and DO the things in my vicinity. You are very inspiring!

  2. Our family went on a little adventure to Seattle this past year and we absolutely LOVED it. Your pictures are so lovely and are bringing back all sorts of good memories!

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