piano recitals {3.31.08}

My “girls” {Kiana & Myla} take piano lessons from the most talented, wonderful woman Maiza Simpson. She has a strong Austrian accent and an infectious love of music. This was Myla’s 1st year of piano and Kiana’s first year {returning from a 2 year break} with Maiza. The recital was very traditional and just CUTE! I am a terrible piano mom because I require nothing of my girls. No practice. I am not hoping for my children to become amazing pianist, but I figure in ten years after a 30 minute lesson every week they will at least be better than I ever was…



4 responses to “piano recitals {3.31.08}”

  1. Oh, I knew you’d been busy! So fun to see what you and yor talented kiddies have been up to! Glad your back on the blogging circuit! 🙂

  2. I will have to watch this from home because I have no sound at work. They both look very poised and confident!
    I think it’s great that you are exposing your kids to music but not pushing the practicing issue. My parents made me practice one hour daily and I started to hate piano… still don’t like to play to this day!

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