my photography class has come to an end. so sad. I absolutely loved it. I hope to be friends with my teacher forever. she is so cool. Working with film, in a dark room, was such a new experience. On every assignment I took the pictures, developed the film, and made the prints all by myself. so cool. Here is an overview of the past four months-

texture/urban streets
on my urban streets assignment, if you know salt lake city very well –
I was standing on the small island in the middle of state street just south of 500 south, on a January night…it was snowing, freezing cold, and kinda crazy. I totally had an alibi ready if a police officer told me to get out of the street!

still life/portraits {my sexy red sox fan}

The picture below was my “adjective” assignment…we had to shoot something abstract that described a relationship, feeling, or moment in our life we connect with. I took pictures of this birdhouse floating in our pond, in our backyard…i love the reflection of the trees in the water. You can take your guesses at how this relates to me…

for our final photography assignment, we did a self-portrait. We were allowed to have someone assist us, and I was totally lucky to have Becky help me.

with this assignment, we learned lots of new tricks in the developing and dark room. We learned how to add texture, toner, and more abstract techniques. The final portrait had to be turned in with one of these techniques used…I went through lots of ideas before choosing my final picture…which is still hanging in the arts building. These are three samples of things I did. It was loads of fun, and the creations could have been endless…

This was a quick snapshot Becky and I took when finishing up my self-portrait. We are NOT in focus, but I still made the print and toned it blue. Thanks Beckster for all your help!

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  1. Wow, your photography is amazing. I didn’t even know you did it. What can’t you do:)

  2. Like I have said a million times before….wow,your amazing. You have a golden finger in everything you do.

  3. I love your photos! How did you find a class to take? I’m looking around and haven’t been able to find anything and I think it’s hard to know how good the classes are.
    Awesome job!

  4. Great photographs, Jane! I love the one of the birdhouse in your pool. Super cool. I just love photography, it’s so addicting!

  5. i had fun with you that afternoon! let’s party again…

    your photos are amazing! i love the processing on them.

  6. You have learned so much. That is so cool how you learned how to develop all by yourself.

    So fun and love, love, love your Pictures!

  7. You have been a busy blogger lately – or I haven’t been on my computer. Your pictures are great, as are your drawings! Your teacher’s sketch of you is really good! I bet you are ready for summer break!

  8. I’m so glad you are enjoying school and finding your hearts passions. The photos are truely wonderful.

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