phase 1 is over

for Kiana’s braces! She got them off this morning and I surprised her with a caramel apple to celebrate. We also went to IHOP for breakfast before going to school.

I’ve been very impressed with our orthodontist. I was curious as to why kids start braces so much earlier these days when Kiana originally went in for her consultation. The main reason being, a child’s jaw is still partial cartilage till they are 11 when it fully turns to bone. If you can get as many adult teeth lined up straight before that age, then the jaw will keep them in place after that. Unlike me, who had braces later and when I didn’t have/wear a retainer at night for most my early adult life my teeth shifted. sucks. So, after more of her adult teeth come in the next couple years she will have her “real” time in braces then. But, for now, the teeth she has look great!

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  1. Hooray for getting braces off! I remember how great it felt to get them off. Unfortunately I may get to experience it all again since I lost my retainers in college and have also experienced the “shift.” Maybe Kiana and I will be in braces together the next go around 😉

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