pearly whites

i like white teeth. more specifically, straight. white teeth. that’s why i firmly believe that people need to go to a dentist such as someone like this cosmetic dentist San Diego.

i quickly notice when someone has a beautiful smile, shining with clean-white teeth. i’m somewhat addicted to whitening my teeth. which is why, i’m going to share with you, my favorite whiteners…along with a few other teeth tid-bits.

first, i’m going to digress here: did anyone else notice in ‘sex & the city 2’ how nasty miranda’s teeth looked? especially on the big screen!!! uggghhhh. blahh. dusty & i were grossed out the entire movie, just by her teeth! It stressed me out so much, particularly because it is so easy to get your teeth whitened, anyone can get it done. That’s why if you’re interested in getting your teeth done you should check out something like these Teeth Whitening Prices in Melbourne to give you a better idea of the price that you would have to pay. However, I don’t think I will ever be able to get over miranda’s teeth.

now, on my the post, i had braces as a young teenager, and in my mid-twenties, after my first two baby girls i noticed my teeth were shifting. so, a few years ago, four actually, i had a consultation for invisalign. i was a good candidate for invisalign because the adjustments that my teeth needed were very minimal. To find out if you would be good candidate for this treatment, visit a dentist that specialises in them such as Serene Dental. Many people prefer the minimal aesthetic impact of this option as a big concern for people considering orthodontic treatment is how they will look with braces.
i wore invisalign trays for nine months and when finished, my teeth were in better shape than ever. now, i currently sleep with invisalign retainers, which are totally comfortable, and i have loved the results. {by the way, if you saw date night, tina fey’s retainer scene had me dying!!! so true & so funny.}

if you are in the utah county area, i went to dr. erekson, who is a fabulous cosmetic-dentist. he is also a great family dentist, he is located in american fork. if you are closer to that area and looking for family dental care, i highly recommend paying him a visit. plus, his offices are pimp. very modern & up-to-date.

when i finished invisalign, ZOOM was all the rage, so i gave it a try. i had tried a variety of over-the-counter teeth whiteners prior to using ZOOM, and expected ZOOM to work extremely better than the drug store options. however, i was fairly disappointed in ZOOM. my teeth were more sensitive & sore from ZOOM, but they did not get whiter than the drug store whiteners i had already tried.

so, if you are in the market for teeth whiteners. i have tried three over-the-counter types. these, these, and these.

the Crest 3D WHITE WHITESTRIPS are my favorite. they have a super-stick to them, keeping them in place very well, and they whiten my teeth the best. because i have whitened my teeth for a long time now, i just use the strips once or twice a month for upkeep. but, when i originally was starting, i would follow the full week to ten-day cycle that is recommended.

if you are considering invisalign, or teeth whitening, i hope this little bit of information helps!

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