Patriot’s Day

today is a holiday i was completely unaware of until we moved to new england. Patriot’s Day. {not to be confused with Patriot Day on Sept. 11} it commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775, which were two of the earliest battles in the American Revolutionary War. annually held on the third Monday of April, Patriot’s Day is a state holiday here in Massachusetts and Maine.

the boston marathon is ran on Patriot’s day every year, so it has been nicknamed “marathon monday.” also, the sox have traditionally been scheduled to play at home on this day since ’59. {we had green monster tickets to this game, but sold them because we want to watch the runners!}

today, our family is going to be cheering for the marathon runners from the comfort of our front yard. the marathon route goes right past by our home! we’re so excited, this is definitely a highlight about the location of the house we live in!

if you are in boston and don’t plan on watching the marathon, you can watch re-enactments of the battles. more info here.

cheers to Patriot’s Day my friends! whatever you do, i hope you are surrounded by people you love. xo.

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  1. (stacy) “fairly uneventful”… A PITCHING DUEL MY DEAR =’s EVENTFUL!! 🙂

    janey… i didn’t know any of that… thanks for the enlightment.

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