party animals!

my sela-bella is six today! and i’m not sure why, maybe because she started kindergarten, but turning six has been a big deal for this girl. she’s been talking about it for months! so, we celebrated like party animals!

for this party, i wanted an invitation that appeared 100% custom and unique, but i didn’t want to do all the work myself.  so, this is what i did: i had a mini photo shoot at home with sela:

to make homemade confetti: use a 1″ hold punch + tissue paper colors of your choice. I recommend having the tissue paper folded in at least 4-6+ layers when punching the holes. the more layers the better, the holes will punch easier & better this way. plus, you finish faster!

then, using this card template via minted, i created a two-sided invitation. i was so pleased with the finished card:

the birthday girl! six amazing years with her in our family, and in those six years—much happiness.

as always, on these occassions i watch her a little more closely, sentimentally aware of all the ways in which she’s grown–how she expresses herself, how she speaks to her friends, how she displays both leader and follower traits, manners and a bit of craziness mixed in a way that makes me so very proud.

last friday was a vibrant selabration in many ways. and for that, i am happy.

you know what else makes me happy? our yard, our home, our current place spilling with little & big friends whose names are said many times in our home these days because, at six years old, it is quite obvious that there is a deeper recognition and appreciation for friendship. sela knows their names, who their siblings are, what colors they like, the names of their pets, who is allergic to peanuts, and who is turning six next…

i look forward to many more occasions when these party animals will once again fill the spaces in our place. friends make everything more special.

party details: petting zoo | homemade party hats | little animals | party favors

lots of ideas i collected for this party right here.

{all photos by me, jane rhodes}

13 responses to “party animals!”

  1. I have been anxiously awaiting this birthday party post……and it was well worth the wait. I have to say you have completely out done yourself this time!!!! What lucky kids you have to have a mom that takes such great care to make their birthdays so special. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  2. The “selabration” play on words is my fave! From the invitations, to the hats, to the cake, to the party…everything was just so darling. You’ve got the Midas touch my friend, yep, the touch…

  3. What a fun party. I haven’t visited in awhile. However; I just noticed in the background of one of the photo’s was my darling friend Lindsie’s daughter Olivia??? What? This is such a small world.
    Just got my last baby in school and hoping to have more time to snoop on your cute blog:)

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