panini’s and gingerbread houses…

tradition. i obsess over traditions…

our annual thaanum {my moms-side-of-the-family} family christmas party.
the menu always changes, but the activity remains the same.

gingerbread houses!

{want a great item to put on your christmas list? add this!}

we love it around here,
and it was used again last weekend at the family party.

my secret-panini ingredient – this.


don’t question me.
add those stackers with muenster cheese…
and whatever else you love,
the combination makes panini’s magical.

and, the gift exchange – these two have become the most darling cousin-buddies…

2 responses to “panini’s and gingerbread houses…”

  1. These are darling. We have made the little village set before. It is a dream of mine to be able to construct a huge, totally edible gingerbread house – take some pictures – and then let the kids have at it.

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