our wheatgrass is oughtta control!

since taking this picture, it has DOUBLED in height!

are you ready for easter???

my friend shannon just went on an awesome trip to maui,
and while her family was there, she and our other friend had an egg hunt on the beach
for the kids at NIGHT! they gave them flashlights to use… how fun & hip is that?!?

this has totally inspired me for this year…

{shhhh…on the down-low…}
rumor is: the easter bunny may be coming late saturday night in these parts.
the egg hunting will be done outside, in the dark!

a little twist for those older kids of mine! gotta keep things exciting!

i am also cooking easter brunch, so tomorrow i will start shopping for all the ingredients. we usually have ham or roast, yams, rolls, salad, a vegetable, fruit… sugar cookies.
what is your traditional easter meal? will you be cooking? dining out?
what are your plans? i’m curious, in case you can inspire me, too!
{photo by me.}

5 responses to “our wheatgrass is oughtta control!”

  1. i can see it now, midnight easter egg hunt! So fun!
    i'm really needing a jane and dusty fix. when and where?

  2. We'll be having similar fare for our Easter dinner! This year we're going to go casual and include sandwich fixins' with the ham!

  3. hey Lillian – {thank you!} i currently use a canon rebel xti, i've had this one about 3 1/2 years… i try to shoot in natural light {no flash} as often as i can, but otherwise, nothing special. i'm not an expert photographer by any means…

  4. Our neighborhood has an annual Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt at the park! It's divided into different age groups {dusk-ish for the little ones and darker for the older} It's a big hit and fun for everyone! Have a blast!

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