our spooky home…

i am going to keep this post quick but passionate. because i feel like as i look through my posts lately, i’ve been wordy.


think midnight caffeine-induced-spooky-home-tour ramble.

ready? go…

{i handcut bandnit masks for our cherubs out of black construction paper. naughty little babes.}

{these haunted houses – make me smile.}

{that giraffe?! darling, right???}

from now till the end of the year, it’s blessed madness… starting with sunlight that fades around 5:30pm. i started stocking apple cider (for my myla – she loves it & the first gallon of the season is in the fridge.) pumpkins are sprinkled life confetti and new wallflower scents that promise to bring the smells of everything i love about this time of year…

{our quirky cherub fireplace. a special focal point of our home, fo sure.}

and then – next week!!! we end the month with trick-or treating… we will be visiting beacon hill again.

would you believe i ordered our Christmas cards?!? very soon i will be asking the post office clerk if they have any prettier stamps for the holidays.

a homey-cozy-season lies ahead… we are giving out little goodie bags filled with a festive craft + treat, so bring your little pumpkins and goblins on by, we will not be home on halloween, so stop by soon for a treat!

are you decorating your homes for halloween? if you are – and you blogged about it – leave a link in the comments, i’d love to see! xo.


spooky details:

halloween houses | giraffe | chandelier, garland{s}, cake stands, pillows, wood pumpkin | spider pumpkin stand | stripey straws | pumpkin soap | treat bags


i am happy to announce that seejaneblog has new sponsors & affiliates — you will start noticing the buttons pop-up on the sidebar. i am planning lots of incredible giveaways through the holiday season, starting tomorrow! so, check back often – the giveaways could start and end at anytime – it’s going to be crazy & fun just like this time of year! cheers!

{all photos by me, jane beckoner rhodes}

5 responses to “our spooky home…”

  1. amazing as always. what are your favorite scents from bath and body? i really like the apple crumble one and the new mahogany teakwood.

  2. Looks great, Jane! It doesn’t surprise me at all that you have lots of black and white stripes around the house.

    Also, I just wanted to mention that I don’t think you’ve been too wordy lately. I think you have a good mixture of mainly photo posts and also “thought” posts.

    Happy Halloween 🙂

  3. jane, your house looks AMAZING. i love the masked cherubs and that black and white striped table cloth? runner? either way, love it. and, non-halloween related… i love your succulents. i have a few and need to add more.

    we’ve considered going into beacon hill for trick or treating but i don’t think it’s going to happen this year! maybe next…

  4. Love your house! Decor looks so great! Hope I can see it in person one day;)

    Ps. Smart idea giving Halloween crafts! I’m always looking for other options!

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