our quirky Christmas eve traditions

As Kiana and I were busy the first half of Christmas Eve, Dusty took Myla skiing and then made it home in time to start our families traditions.

B O W L I N G !!!

Dusty loves to choose the LARGEST bowling shoes they have just to make the kids laugh. They have no idea this isn’t his REAL shoe size. He just flops around in them while he bowls…Sela playing “peek-a-boo” with Myla KJ

That’s right! Who’s got strikes???

Sela loving grandma Pat.

We had Christmas Eve dinner at Sundance and then headed home for our traditional Christmas Eve

P Y J A M A S !!!

My girls – matchy-matchy.KJ – When Dusty went on his last business trip to the Philippines he had these Xmas shorts made for KJ. Red & Green Red Sox shorts, he is first pointing to his, “I don’t do misteltoe!” which became his phrase of the evening, then he’s pointing to his “red sox.” He also got a red pair with a green Boston B on them. Daddy is his hero!

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  1. How fun is it to choose bigger bowling shoes and put on a show for the kids! It takes all the stress out of making sure the darn things fit… glad you had a good day!!

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