our quick trip to the city…

exactly fourteen days ago kiana found out her utah dance studio was going to be in nyc that weekend with various families staying at various hotels like the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan. and the next day she was putting in her verbal request for a spontaneous family road trip, two days later.

after a few details were figured out, we woke up early on july 5th and our second road trip to manhattan was underway. a very happy fourteen year old included.

as soon as we pulled into the city, we stopped by tkts and chose six seats to see war horse. i hadn’t heard anything about the play – i just knew i wanted something that would possibly entertain everyone – not too girly, not too boyish, etc. war horse turned out to be amazing! i found out just before going in that it was two hours and forty minutes long and i instantly feared sela wouldn’t make it. but, no worries – it’s so entertaining & creative that she was glued to the stage the entire time. it was so cool to look down the line of our family of six all sitting in a row and see silent smiles or big captivated eyes on my kiddos as they watched a broadway play.

buddy gives it two thumbs up!

when we came out around 10:45pm, the lincoln center was filled with a warm magical glow. this big lawn goes up and over an all-glass restaurant underneath it. you can spy husband & sela sitting in the middle. i love the lights of a big city at night. it’s like the magical glow of christmas, every night, all year long.

miss fourteen and i woke up the next morning and went on a run across the city to central park. there is something exhilarating about running in nyc. i love being up with all the other morning runners, you feel more local. you feel a part of a greater good-health team. it was a beautiful way to start the day with my girl.

kiana then met up with her life-long dance besties on 56th, and we were left to play with our younger three kiddos for the day. crazy we have a child who can hang-out in manhattan sans parents. not just that she is old enough to do so, but that she is responsible, and completely comfortable doing so. i love it. i’m guessing this was her favorite day of summer.

the last time we were in nyc, we were taking a horse-drawn carriage ride through central park when kj spotted these huge rocks that kids were climbing on. we weren’t able to stop our carriage ride to let him off and play. he was so bummed. so, this time – we headed straight to the park, found the rocks, and let him climb till his heart was content with all the time in the world! sisters included.

our younger two kids may actually believe we visit new york city, just to visit this landmark toys’r us… it is their heaven on earth. kj and myla picked out two RC trucks, and the next morning they hit the streets of nyc and central park with them. sela not only visited toys’r us, but she found the hello kitty/sanrio store in times square. you should have seen how big her eyes got when it came into view! {i’m not showing her the american girl store in nyc till she’s older!}

and that is something i love about life. the fact that we can spontaneously decide to go on a road trip to new york city. three hours from our front door sits manhatten.

i hope my kiddos grow up with memories of adventure — favorite travel stories and vivid descriptions of road trips and airplanes and funny family moments that they will recall at the Thanksgiving table years from now. But what they’ll remember most is our traditions at home–the substance of all the morning routines, family meals, kitchen dance parties, creative afternoons, playing catch in the yard, bedtime rituals, and lazy sundays that cushion the excitement of outside adventure.

*you can read about our first nyc road trip here and here.

{photos by me.}

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