our monday with sandy a.k.a. frankenstorm

hello.  i am starting this week late due to our windy visitor, sandy.  we made all the proper preparations for her visit – and right on queue sunday evening i received a text from our local police station saying, school has been cancelled monday due to the hurricane… instantly a school night became a three-day weekend…

so… we put on our rain gear and went to a late movie!

{we went to see chasing mavericks – have you seen it???}

it just so happens husband was on his way home from the philippines and scheduled to land in Boston today. the airport was closed so he chose to be re-routed to Salt Lake City and is working from his offices there till we hope he can come home on Wednesday for Halloween. {fingers double crossed!}

this morning was mild, the storm hit the hardest around 4pm, by 4:30 we lost our electricity and soon after two trees fell in our backyard.

before we lost power, i continued working on lots of projects — i have a different one going on in each room of my house right now – i rotate for the sake of variety. we watched lots of movies and tv {all caught up on Revolution – are you watching it?}, i watched my kids eat lots of their trunk-or-treat candy {sandy was the best excuse to eat cereal for dinner and ice cream before it all went bad in the fridge! we continued to talk about how it felt like we were living in revolution!}. it was quite nice, minus the fact we all want big papi home. we love finding reasons to stay inside as a family and just be together. thanks for being a good excuse, frankenstorm.

we had pumpkin shaped marshmallows in the pantry – and tonight was the perfect opportunity to roast them. by 8pm we had electricity again & after we get the yard cleaned up, our evening was relatively calm. sandy and frankenstorm were both more mild than predicted. i hope everyone and their loved ones are safe… xo.

i just had a phone call that school is cancelled tomorrow, too. my kids all cheered!

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  1. I love an excuse to stay home too. Sometimes it’s nice to be forced to take a break from scheduled activities. Hope your man gets home soon!

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