our little orphan


she had her first dance recital! she did so so good! omgosh, it was just the cutest thing of ever! can you even imagine little two year old girls up on a huge stage in front of a couple hundred people??? dancing to “hard knock life,” all dressed up as little orphans!!!!

maybe the cutest. thing. EVER.

she had a little bucket with a washcloth and was scrubbing the floor between pirouettes. seriously. i am still dying over how cute it was!!!

i totally thought she would walk out on that stage and get stage fright and refuse to go back out there for two more years {at least.} nope. not sela-bella. she marched – skipped actually, right out on that stage and never once cared that so many people were watching. never once cared she had full stage lights on her. we are still talking about how stinkin’ cute it was and when she hears us talking about it, she gets this big smile on her face, a twinkle in her eye, and kinda shakes her bootie.

did i mention it was the cutest thing ever?!? see those little ballet slippers??? they might be all of three and a half inches long!

{i will hopefully post the video SOON!!!}

8 responses to “our little orphan”

  1. OMGosh, the cutest EVER!! I wish Olivia would do dance, maybe one more year. I decide I was sick of signing up my little twins for stuff if all they were going to do is CRY! ugh…

    Way to Go Sela, I bet that was one of your Proud Moments!

  2. That is one gorgeous little girl you have! Look forward to seeing her dance. What a great age she’s at. Soak it in!

  3. Can’t wait to see the video! She is so brave – I can’t believe she is performing already!

  4. I wish I would have stayed to see that one! Was it at center stage? I was thinking about putting Mya in. That outfit is adorable!

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