our home has grown by eight feet…

and two tails.

while on this trip,
kj & myla spent serious time lizard hunting.

kj was given a baby lizard from his cousin,
and myla’s jealousy started raging!
so, uncle ryan gave the kids rides on a 4-wheeler to help with the search.
till myla found one…

she was so pleased to finally find a horny toad!

so, we traveled home with one horny toad & one dessert lizard in slurpee cups.

the next evening, husband surprised the kids with a spontaneous trip to the pet shop to get a cage, heat lamps, etc to give the lizards a more appropriate dwelling…

kj decorated the dwelling with rocks he had painted.

these two lizards seriously mix well with our family –
look how perfectly camera-poised they are!

we’ve learned, they don’t like dead food.

so, the canned crickets, and plant food that husband bought them,

they just ignore it…

kj & myla have to catch live food for them, and they are speedy little guys – they attack it at lightning speed! there is a plus side to this. since we are still having WARM weather here in Utah, the box-elder bugs keep re-hatching… and these little buggers eat them! i am more than happy to see box-elder bugs participate in natures food chain… wink. wink.

this is what childhoods are made of!

2 responses to “our home has grown by eight feet…”

  1. Your kids must be in heaven! I remember reading a post from a while back where you said Myla desperately wanted a lizard. How nice for them! 🙂

  2. i wish i could be an awesome "pet" parent like you. I still love when you had chickens and myla would collect the eggs. I Love that!

    but i canNOT do reptiles. You are awesome!!

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