our {{{green}}} day!

the first graders at kj’s school all went on a leprechaun – scavenger hunt!
it was so. dang. cute!

the two days leading up to st. patrick’s day,
the first graders would hear leprechauns running accross the roof of the school!
and running through the halls!

so, finally, ON st. patrick’s day, the first graders went looking for them!

{i missed this activity when my older girls were in 1st grade,
and i was so impressed, this time…}

there were about 10 groups of kids, each group had 4-5 kids with one leader.
kj was the leader of his group.

so, he was in charge of reading the clues, and being the first in line. each group had to remain holding hands while they looked for their clues.

kj was so competetive!
i was almost running to keep up with him,
he kept telling his group, “hurry up! run! we gotta hurry!”
as he dragged them around the halls finding all FIFTEEN clues

that led them to the rainbow…

and the pot of gold!
the first graders all had their own stories to share,

“i saw a leprechaun go so fast around the corner!” hehe…

for myla’s class, dusty found these really cute tiny sprite’s.
think short red-bull sized can, they were a hit!

kiana’s class had key lime stewart’s & green donuts…

7 responses to “our {{{green}}} day!”

  1. What a fun, cute day! And your dinner looks delicious. Can I have that chicken & pesto recipe please????

  2. Dinner looks SO yummy! I need the chicken and pesto recipe. Any chance it is somewhat low-carb? I have been SO good on my diet for over a month now!

  3. wow… all this food looks delicious… I especially want the Krispy Kreme donught! I am seriously eating so good, i am actually shocked at how i haven't cracked… especially on Diet coke! I have like 1 a week, it's crazy!

  4. Yummm, that dinner looks tasty!
    Would you believe that there are no Krispy Kreme's in this area. The last one closed a couple of years ago. Oh what I would give for a kreme-filled glazed doughnut… the only one worth the calories to me!
    Blast the Canadian's and their Tim Hortons!

  5. how cute!

    i need to start getting into st. pattys day more..

    i love those little sprite cans too! they are adorable. i just picked some up for my ezra's upcoming birthday party! i love finding cute packaging!

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