our end of summer hoorah…

we love this mountain city.

it feels like our own little hideaway.
40 minute drive from our front door.
not too far, a beautiful drive.
the alpine slide.
the coaster {our fave!}
zip lines…

without realizing it, we’ve made it a tradition to end
our kids’ summer vacation with a weekend in park city.

the final family hoorah, before school begins.

boo to summer ending. i really dislike early mornings.
{to check out last year, see here.}

3 responses to “our end of summer hoorah…”

  1. WE Love the Alpine Coaster!! and Zipline!

    sounds like a perfect way to end the summer!
    i love Park City!!

    love the picture with all of danny's boys too, they are like your extended family. Your amazing!!

  2. Oh man! Every year I mean to do this with my kids but never get around to it. Maybe fall break. Cross your fingers 🙂

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