our dessert in march: family visitors.

our cousins from southern cali spent a few days with us earlier this month. we played blokus {our fave family board game!} + played rook + stayed up till the wee hours of the morning + engaged in soul-searching conversations + went skiing + visited the bean museum + stopped by the byu bookstore for candy + spent the afternoon at the provo beach resort + ate at malawi’s + ordered pizza + cheered for myla at futsol + made a big taco bar at home with our fave starter sauce + ordered in indian food + gained a few pounds in just a few days…

a very good investment in the bank of life.

then… aunt sue & uncle irv from alaska washington, came to visit for five days + brought our first dog-house-guest. once again, we played blokus (a LOT!} + played sorry + sela helped aunt sue knit + took the dog on lots of walks + ate at communal + had a family reunion at the mayan + sunday morning at starbucks {did you know they have cake pops & mini donuts now?!?} + more board games + smashburger + pirate island + aunt sue & uncle irv are roped into helping with homework + arm wrestling + they are on their way to the grand canyon now… {we miss you! but not the dog. xo!!!}

…and there you have it. the dessert of life.


{first seven pictures via allyson bartholomew on facebook, all other photos by me.}

5 responses to “our dessert in march: family visitors.”

  1. looks like KJ was in BOY heaven with all those boy cousins!! SO much fun!! I love when family comes!
    We have got to start playing blockus. we have been playing "LIFE" and all my kids love it, maybe they would love Sorry.

  2. I'm lovin' your hair in those first few photos, so beautiful! A hair challenged girl like myself would love to see you do a post on how you get it to look like that someday.

    Glad you had some great family time.

  3. Can I have Sela's wardrobe in my size please?? She is the cutest little thing.

    p.s. we are headed to Cabo in the morning!! Yippppeeeee! Cannot wait! Thanks so much, again, for all the advice.
    Kim Hendricks

  4. Glad you had a good time with Sue, Irv and family. You went to some great places-how fun. Who won the arm wrestle?

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