Our annual family trip to Mazatlan, Mexico Oct. 7-16, 2007

Last minute family photos on our way to check-outthe sunset, our last night in MexicoThe kids are playing “simon says” with Troy in the poolSela is exhausted – during the week in Mazatlan, we called a doctor from town to check on her at the resort & she was diagnosed with Bronchitis & one ear infectionMyla bought this little dress for Sela in the markets to match hersWe went through the McDonald’s drive-thru after dinner, and everyone got ice cream cones!

We rented a truck-taxi for the afternoon and went shopping in the markets and then to Taco Loco (a favorite) to eattwo of my babies lounging in the shade, KJ wasn’t feeling so well (found out later he had swimmer’s ear)KJ flying his parachute-spidermanKJ’s AWESOME lizard tattooKiana & Myla LOVED Boogie boarding and were really good at it!BOOGIE BOARDING!
We spent one day at Pueblo Bonito MAZATLAN, to enjoy the more public beaches
Lunch @ Rudi’s, Grand
ma’s famous mole’Daphne and I showing off our artwork!CORN ice creamWriting our names on the ceiling“COKE LIGHT” (Mexican style) IN A BOTTLE!SENOR FROG’S!traveling by Pulmonia (open air taxi’s)Sela’s first pony tailsMyla lost a tooth! (again…)Myla, Paris, & Aubree painting…Dusty & KJ painting (we really do paint ceramics nearly everyday of this trip!)The Rhodes, Troy & Daphne Blanchard, Jared & Lissette Blanchard, and the Padilla’s, who own the factory in Mazatlan.We had a Pro Look dinner party, and the kids got to sit at their own table with Gwen in charge…I painted Sela’s toe nails for dinner this night, you can’t see them well but they were a sparkly pink…so I had to get some up close pictures of those cute chubby toes!An up-close shot of a sand crab, the kids spent a lot of time on the beach catching these and hermit crabs. This trip, I gave each kid a little “creature” box to do their hunting with. Aubree is proudly displaying hers here…One of our favorite activities at the resort we stay at is poolside ceramic paintingMyla enjoying her smoothie in a cool pineapple dude!Pueblo Bonito – Emerald BayOn our first flight, this is Sela enjoying her bottle and Video I-pod at the same time…hehe

6 responses to “Our annual family trip to Mazatlan, Mexico Oct. 7-16, 2007”

  1. I’ve been awaiting these pictures 🙂 It looks like you guys had so much fun. What a fun trip! I love the little bandana hat things on your girls. They look so cute. Your family is darling! It will be fun when we get back and can hang out 🙂

  2. Holy Cow, Pictures! Looks like so much fun and you got some great shots! Glad to have you back – and of course I won’t forget the Halloween shindig – I look forward to it all year!

  3. Absolutely the best pictures EVER!!! Loved seeing what you guys did and where you guys have been going year after year. Surely LOVED IT. Ohh and your swimsuits….very cute!!! Glad to have you back.

  4. SOOOO FUN!! The pictures are so cute, and i love how Tan Kiana gets!
    Sela is darling in her little sun hats and Swimsuits! What a fun family vacation and you had so many friends to be with too!

    p.s. Cute swimsuits 😉

  5. Hi Jane,
    I am a fellow blog addict. I’m not even sure how I stumbled across you guys but your blog is so much fun. I totally love all of your pics of your recipes. I wanted to know where you got Sela’s darling beach beanie?? So cute! And I love Mazatlan, what hotel did you stay at? It looks super fun. I’d love it if you wrote me back at http://www.lucreciahale.blogspot.com Thanks tons!

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