our anniversary get-a-way…

was beautiful.

we were lazy.
my husband and i breed laziness when we vacation.

we talked about doing all kinds of cool activities.
ziplining. hiking. etc.etc.
but talking is all we did.
along with sitting by the pool. sitting on the beach.
visited friends. we attempted paddle boarding. visited more friends.
movies. movies. movies.
sleep. sleep. sleep.

that about sums it up!


my husband dislikes traveling with my camera bags{s}
so, this trip i opted to leave one camera bag home
my real polaroid camera.
instead, i used my polaroid iphone app,
i still prefer real polaroids over the app., but i’m growing more fond of the app.

my real camera bag…
we left in our rental car when we returned it,
and right before we departed on our flight home,
the rental car company called us…

“it’s in the mail.”

until my real photos make it back to utah with us,
here’s polaroids via my iphone of maui.

{maybe, the largest belly button you’ve ever seen? explanation: four babies.}

but, please be kind about my swimsuit photos, i broke weight records on this trip. we always gain weight when we travel because we go from extremely good nutrition,
to extremely bad eating habits…

dear scale: i really hope you were lying last night,
that’s all i have to say.

7 responses to “our anniversary get-a-way…”

  1. I LOVE that app!! These pictures look incredible… I am buying it today!!

    Looks beautiful and very relaxing! I am still so jealous that we didn't tag along with you to Beautiful MAUI!! I love that you got to see Geoff & Jenn and enjoy all of my favorite surroundings…

    You look FABULOUS!!!! I wouldn't think you gained anything, look at those abs!!!

  2. I love your pictures! Thank you for mentioning the app…it is so cool. You look as beautiful as you always do!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Jenn and Geoff loved having you there-what a treat for them.

    I am sorry that your camera bag was left behind, but glad that it is on its way…can't wait to see more pics.

  3. Ooh la la! Those pictures are amazing! And I am supremely jealous of you in your bikini so don't insult me with your delusional weight gain 😉

  4. So, so fun! These pictures make me want to go back right now! And I'd die to have your abs (and whole body for that matter!)

  5. what an amazing trip! you look like a rockstar so whatever that scale told you was lying!

    it was fun to see you tonight. i miss you and can't wait for many more fun nights. 😉

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