our 4 little pumpkins…

decorated, colored, and carved their pumpkins!

we truly went all-out this year and last night we stopped by our local Albertsons to hunt for about 20 pumpkins, yes, 20…
Then we came home and the kids used our traditional “Mr. potato head” style pumpkin decor for the first few pumpkins…i love these, they are a riot.Sela kept going out on the front porch this afternoon to visit her pumpkin…Kiana put her festive socks on to show her pumpkin spirit…
Tonight we carved all of the others. I love carving pumpkins. seriously. I invested in a pumpkin-carving Dremel this year, it was awesome. Myla gets into it as much as I do. Actually, the whole family does!Sela was so in love with her punkies…

all of our jack-o-lanterns-
I still need to get a cape for my witch pumpkin to lay on…she’s not done yet!!
I was messing with my “night” option on my camera –
I have a couple of seriously haunted pumpkins!

7 responses to “our 4 little pumpkins…”

  1. Thats pretty cool! We are doing ours tonight after the trunk or treat. (who does trunk or treat 2 days early? crazy!) I love your haunted ones.

  2. WOW you really did go all out!! You are so fun, your kids must have had a BLAST!! I love that last pic, that is really cool!!

  3. Yes! I LOVE your Mr. Potato Head idea. I’m using it, if that’s okay with you! It’s so cute. Thanks!

  4. We also love “mr. potato head” pumpkins!
    I love carving them too, i wish i was better at it though. Cory is the one who did all our Super Creative pumpkins!

  5. Wow! A pumpkin carving dremmel. I bet that made it fun. Now they just need some kind of vacuum to suck the insides out so you don’t have to scrape them. Your pumpkins look great!

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