Ordinary Hero’s – Ethiopia

Myla and I went on our first Ordinary Hero mission in June. I still don’t have the right words for the experience. I shared a few of the highlights on instagram @see_jane, and I created the video above to remember as many details as possible.

I find my greatest confidence as a mom in the secret language I share with my children. During this trip that included Myla squeezing my hand when she was overwhelmed with emotions as she helped a child. A quick glance I would give Myla as children ran to greet us. Good night hugs that speak volumes. We have ways of letting each other know we need more or we’re getting enough. One on one time with our children is priceless, spending it submersed in serving others is what the goodness in life is all about. We really hope to return one day…

If you’d like to learn more about the Ordinary Hero foundation – check out their site here.

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  1. Jane! So incredible! My favorite part of this little video was seeing the teenagers from there and here sitting on the bench hanging out together. Loved it!

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