Opening NIGHT!

Kiana, on her way to check into the “alley” theater door. She was so excited, but not too nervous. For her first night, Dusty*Myla*KJ* and I went to watch just till her part was done then we sneaked out. She did SO good, and it’s SO fun because she is in the very first scene then about the first 35 minutes!AT intermission, Kiana*Myla*KJ. KJ was so cute. I had been worried about him being too young to be going, but he was totally on the edge of his seat the entire time, especially keeping track of where Kiana was on stage. I was SO emotionally overwhelmed as the curtain raised, this was my baby girl up there! I am SO proud. I had to control my tears from not spilling over.We left early and went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We went to the top floor to view temple square & the Christmas lights and then ate dinner at the Garden Restaurant, my nephew works there but unfortunately he was off that night. After dinner we showed the kids what room Dusty & I got married in and where our reception was. They were totally not interested, is that sad?!? Then we took a carriage ride around temple square, and sang christmas carols! We’ve done this before with the girls, but KJ had no memory of it…After our carriage ride we had reservations at “The Melting Pot” for dessert. The kids have never been there and they loved it! They could not eat enough strawberries & bananas in the milk chocolate! But, by the end of our family date we were all exhausted – what an evening!

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