One Night Only

Kiana is currently doing a show that she is in the Kids Cast for a hip-hop dance. The directors are Rick Robinson, Kellie Messerly, and Alan Salazar and the show is called “One Night Only“. She will be performing still on Monday Night at the Vibe dance studio, and then the shows main night is Friday the 21st at the Sandy Ampitheater. It is a very upbeat fun show with lots of latin ballroom, hip-hop, and contemporary jazz. I recorded her in it on Saturday night, but the lighting is really dark so my camera had a hard time focusing at times. You may have a hard time finding her at times, so I tried to zoom in on her when I could find her AND she’s wearing a hot pink bandana, green shirt, cut off shorts, and tube socks with tennis shoes (if that helps.)

Press PA– USE on “Jane’s Grooves” before viewing so you can hear it.

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  1. Kiana ROCKS!! I totally could see who she was, and I saw Witney and Lindsay also! Looks like a sweet performance coming up.

  2. Here is the funniest thing about blogs… you connect to people you know through other people you know… I saw on your blog that you have the link to “tangled and true.” Missy, one of the writers was my freshman roommate. I love that site–especially since there are so many fun things about being a mom on there. When Dusty told me you were starting a blog i told him, “my friend has this amazing blog that Jane would love…” but we got talking about other things and i never should it to him… Tangled and True was it. Isn’t it so funny how the blogging world works?

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