one dozen years…

is how long we have had our little, baby girl. today.

only, she’s not so little anymore.

she is twelve years old, today.

becoming so grown-up.

i recall when she was born, at the last moment of birth, we almost needed a cesarean because her heart beat kept getting so low. we didn’t realize at this point, with her being our first baby, how fast i give birth.

in the end, no surgery was needed, and just a few seconds later, kiana entered our world.

our world, that would be changed forever.

forever understanding a new sense of love.

forever knowing we were more complete because of this little girl.

kiana’s heartbeat had been so slow at times, because the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck three times.

because of this, kiana was not so cute, as a newborn. when she was born, her head was greatly bruised, her entire complexion was purple and blue. her head was kind of a long oval shape, VERY swollen and slightly distorted from birth… as we first looked at her and held her, Dusty jokingly said to the doctor,

“well, she’s sure not much to look at, but I guess she’ll be smart!”

the doctor did not find his humor funny.

dusty & i chuckled to ourselves, and from that moment on, we have smothered her with our love.

twelve years later, all the bruises from birth are gone & long forgotten, except for the special place they have in my heart.


her heartbeat is strong. she is gorgeous, inside and out. and smart.

i stand in awe of her, and thank God, she is ours.

happy 12th birthday, bearzy!

we love you.


this past week, kiana returned home from spending twelve days in the philippines with her dad…

she peeked through her bedroom door kind of slow after seeing the note,
then screamed, ran, and jumped on her bed.

such a girl!

as a surprise birthday gift from all of her family, she had new bedding, a rug, lamp, and a painting i have been working on for her in her room… {more pics later on the decor}

the birthday festivities officially begin today.

{tomorrow…two fabulous giveaways for this week, in honor of kiana’s birthday!}

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  1. Happy Birthday, Kiana Bear! You ARE a gorgeous girl… amazingly talented and more importantly, genuine and sincere, a true friend. One we are all so proud to know! You are blessed with an adoring family and incredible opportunities and I KNOW you will do amazing things in your life. Happy Bear-thday, girly! Make this your most wonderful year yet!

  2. Jane, are you sure she's 12? I'm pretty sure she's closer to 15. She's such a sophisticated and smart young lady. New bedding? What a fun treat!! Hurry and post more pics 🙂

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