on your mark, get set…


my kids are always racing.
kj’s famous last words, “last one there is a rotten egg!” as he has already
taken off running…

they race to answer the door when the doorbell rings.
they race to get the mail… everywhere. they race.

our latest race..
as we pull into our driveway,
they yell at me to “stop!!!!”

they all bail out of the suv.
line-up on the driveway,
and race down our driveway, around the corner, into the garage,
and the winner touches the mudroom door first.

kiana always wins.
sela always loses.

myla and kj fight, repeatedly, over 2nd and 3rd.

in the picture above, kiana is not sniffing her underarms…
she’s smooching her muscles,
expecting to win.

i think myla was about to punch her in the stomach.

c’est la vie.

4 responses to “on your mark, get set…

  1. This is awesome! Tell Kiana to enjoy her victories now. Im sure KJ and Myla will pass her up in a few years. I think this competition would end in blood and tears for my crazy, competitive boys 😉

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