on the hottest day in july…

we went to disneyland.

the pros: we didn’t wait longer than 10 minutes for anything. we were able to do both parks in one day, all of our favorite rides & attractions. it was incredible.

the cons: it was hot. so hot, you’ll notice little sela~bella’s sweaty bangs in most the pictures.

this trip to disneyland & california adventure was truly magical for us. and, truly, all about sela. i observed that kiana & myla are kinda ‘over’ disneyland…after they get a few rides on ‘screamin,’ then it’s all about enjoying the other rides with sela…

but, all of us feel that way!

every ride or attraction was….

“sela! sit by me!”

“can i sit by sela?”

we were all sneaking glances at sela to witness her reactions to everything!

however, if the character is not a princess,
sela was not overly-excited to see them…

my wet-wet family after grizzly rapids…

we loooooove toy story!!!

a few trips ago to california adventure we ate at ‘aerial’s grotto’ and thought it was awful. awful. awful. and because of that, we’ve skipped it every time since then…

but, because we wanted sela to see all the princesses, we made reservations there for lunch this time, and it has made so many changes, it comes highly recommended now!

sela was still a little reserved with chatting to the princesses, but she definitely wanted to see each one, and have her picture taken with them. but i could NOT get a genuine-normal smile out of her!

the {cute} little stinker!

my kids have always loved the ‘redwood creek challenge trail,’ and i have to note here i just love my little misters legs these days. his little body is turning into a little man of muscles, it’s so handsome! just like his daddy…dusty has the best man legs ever. they are perfect.

i’m not biased either, this is fact. 😉

my moosey!!!

sela was totally in awe of ‘it’s a small world,’ and i love the renovations…

we learned on this trip, that disneyland comes alive after 10pm. holy schmoly, live bands start performing, the temperatures cool off about 6pm. it’s great.

at 11:15pm, we headed back over to california adventure to see this.

it is unbelievable.

make sure to get a fast pass for it early in the day, there are three evening shows. a fast pass is the only way to see it. and, trust me. you want to see it. dusty & i stood there watching for forty-five minutes in awe. especially me, i think i even felt a lump in my throat with the disney medley. yes, i am a very emotional person. but, it’s amazing.

at midnight, three out of four of our kiddo’s were sound asleep on each other in the strollers. a little inconvenient, i still would not have missed it.

10 responses to “on the hottest day in july…”

  1. Favorite picture Ko: Sela measuring 40" so she can go on Screaming!!
    Thanks baby… I literally relive our fun adventures through your blog.

  2. Cute blog and cute family. I am curious about something. I have looked through a lot of your blog and I think you might be a mormon. If you aren't, sorry for the assumption, but if you are, don't you have to wear the funny underwear that the other mormons wear? I have known a few and they couldn't wear short shorts or sleeveless tops. Not trying to insult. Just curious.

  3. Cute, Cute! I absolutely love the picture of the kids in their 3D glasses. Glad to see that you had a blast in CA with the family. Love you guys!

  4. dear stressed –
    i don't mind your curiosity. i am fairly private about my religious views, especially in such a public forum and with a stranger. however, i am very open about it with all family and friends. if you'd like to disclose your identity, i'd love to chat in an email or some other private forum.

    i was most definitely raised LDS, and have a GREAT fondness and respect for the church and it's members. however, i have made the choice to not participate in many of the rituals/practices of the gospel, such as wearing garments.


  5. Jane,

    Thank you for your response. I hope I wasn't too nosy. I have many friends of different religions who practice varying degrees of their religion and I have respect for all of them.

    Thank you for your honest response. I wish you and your family the best.

    God Bless!

  6. darling pictures! We love "arials grotto" and never had a bad experience but always heard that others did.
    SO fun to see sela in all her princess glory! haha

    we will be in disneyland at the end of august and can't wait to see "world of color" glad to hear you liked it!

  7. darling pictures! We love "ariels grotto" and never had a bad experience but always heard that others did.
    SO fun to see sela in all her princess glory! haha

    we will be in disneyland at the end of august and can't wait to see "world of color" glad to hear you liked it!

    love the renovations to "it's a small world" too, so cute to find peter pan, aladdin and lilo etc…

  8. oh my, did sela really go on "screamin?" what about "tower of terror" my twins were freaking out on "splash mountain" so i refrained from torturing them! haha

  9. What a great trip! Both parks in one day – I'm surprised your kids made it to midnight! I am confused about getting fast passes to the World of Color? I thought it would be just like Fantasmic where you all just squish in to watch it. Are there actually seats or something? We are excited to see this – but it will have to wait until next year.

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