On our way to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate Dusty’s birthday…

We went to Pueblo Bonito’s PACIFICA Hollistic retreat & spa (adults only) last February with the Taylor’s for both of our 11th anniversaries and it was awesome! I thought we were going to Vegas for Dusty’s birthday but he came home Monday night and said, “I want to go somewhere HOT, with no one around, with YOU….to read…watch lots of TV…eat…for my birthday.” and five minutes later it was booked, ta-da! We’ve been told, any of you “Bachelor” fans that one of the episodes/dates was just filmed at this resort. It’s beautiful, and we’d recommend it to anyone looking for a get-a-way with your honey. These are two pics from our last trip there.

6 responses to “On our way to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate Dusty’s birthday…

  1. I am picturing you guys sitting on the Gorgeous bed, ordering the Yummy Guacamole Nachos, and Chicken tacos!! Wish we were there with you!
    BTW you left on a good day too. the weather all day has been cloudy and Rainy!
    Happy Birthday Dusty.

  2. What a fun birthday present. You will have to let me know how the trip went. Derrick and I want to go on a trip soon and we were thinking about Cabo. Hope you have fun watching The Office.

  3. Suzanne – I re-did the pictures, they weren’t even showing up for me anymore – not sure what happened but hopefully they are there now.

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