on christmas eve

7 responses to “on christmas eve”

  1. so fun! what a super fun christmas eve. i love the winter toy shop, that is so cute!

    LOVE the shorts! cute cute traditions!!

  2. So fun Jane! Your little monkies are pretty handsome. Are you growing your bangs out? We do the jammies on Christmas Eve too!

  3. I love love that pic of your cute family all in jammies and fluffy socks, Adorable!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!:)

  4. we got christmas jammies this year too-and every last one of us is out of the house. I love traditions that don't grow up : )

  5. Rori~ i am growing my bangs out, due to my husbands request to do so, what do you think…should i keep them cut or grow them out???

    i'd love more opinions on this one…

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