oilcloth storage bins

this past thursday i went to my first craft night at soel.

understatement: it was so fun. shelby, who is a friend of mine + the owner of soel was our lovely host. it was so nice to just show up & have all the supplies + tools ready for us. we were able to just sit down & sew! and, all this + delicious refreshments for only $8! And, instead of making just one oilcloth storage bin, we were given the option to make two for the same price because she had extra supplies! love it!

shelby used this tutorial from design sponge. and, it’s truly a cinch to whip these out. shelby also mentioned that she found most of her darling oilcloth on etsy.

soel is the cutest boutique around… check it out:

if you are interested in attending a future craft night at soel, go here to like them on facebook + join their email list for future events!

cheers to crafting!

{all photos by me, via my iphone/poor quality. soel has a yellow interior, not lime green.}

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  1. Oh my goodness! I am droooling! If you again I would love to come with you Jane. Any luck with a homes yet? Sheesh, that is so stressful!

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