oil painting with senior citizens…

Caryn and I are underway with our oil painting class. We had a great time during our first class and can’t wait to see how our first projects turn out. We are the only two in the class under 60 years old. The class is excited to have some younger blood attending, my piece was the only contemporary/non-tree-scenery piece being worked on in the class. It is a cactus with blossoms. I love it, and hope I can make it look close to the original. We took before pictures and I’ll post the results when they are done.

7 responses to “oil painting with senior citizens…”

  1. I did not know you were an artist! I cant wait to see the finished project. That is so cute that you and your friend are the only ones under the age of 60. I felt that way at water aerobics. LOL Little old ladies are cuties.

  2. LOL at the thought of all the oldsters and the two cute youngsters.
    Your painting is looking great – be sure to share the finished product!

  3. It is a dream of mine to paint with old people. Remember that old show that used to run. Painting with Ross? I loved it. I too would love to learn to paint. I will be waiting for the final project.

    PS Honestly how much time do you spend blogging!!!??? I love you page…it is one of my favorites to visit cuz there’s always new stuff… see you.

  4. I love you guys here with all the old folks! Caryn looks so cute in a hat! I could never do this – I am a horrible artist.

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