oh somebody has a birthday

My blog!
I have totally and completely enjoyed this still new addiction…

I am not sure what I did with much of my time, before blogging…

I love that blogging motivates me to keep track of our daily happenings in this crazy Rhodes home. At the end of 2008, I am going to make my first blurb book and CAN’T WAIT! I love the connection I have with everyone out there, whether you are my neighbors who I don’t get near enough time with or family and friends far away that we don’t have any time with, I love keeping tabs on you from this blog land.

Cheers, to many more years to come!

9 responses to “oh somebody has a birthday”

  1. Happy “Blogiversary”!! I love that you are addicted to it, it is so fun to interact with family and friends through Blogging!

    I love seeing all the cute things your family is up too. And you will Absolutley love how you can have all this logged in a Journal through Blurb.com. It’s the best!

  2. Happy birthday Rhodes in general. Oh wait, now it’s Jane in Real Life. Love your blog! I check on you daily:)

  3. Hi Jane, this is Jen, Susan’s sister. I hope you don’t mind, but I love reading your blog! Susan never post anything new so I’m force to look elsewhere. I’ve just started “blogging” myself and it really is a fun addiction. Love your thoughts, and your pictures are always fun!

  4. happy blog birthday!!! i’m at two and a half years and still haven’t gotten tired of it…i just love feeling so connected. thanks for the fun peeks into your little world : )

  5. Happy blog birthday!
    Have fun in Vegas!
    I wish I could see Dancing Under the Stars… and your girls dancing prior to the show!

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