nye in nyc. part 2

{part 1 here.}

more pictures from our nyc trip.

we spent Dec. 30th – January 1st in nyc. this was our first time to drive there from boston & we are totally hooked. from our front door to our hotel, it was 3 hours. + the most beautiful drive through connecticut. the best part of this trip: it was the first time for kj & sela to see the big apple! so, we did as many of the kid-friendly-must-see sights as possible in three days!

the only downer: husband rear-ended a guy five minutes after we pulled into the city. then, when we parked in little italy to have lunch at one of our favorite pizza stops, we got a parking ticket! less than an hour in the city! {fingers crossed our city driving improves – we will practice!}

vodka pizza from pomodoro

the statue of liberty. miss liberty is currently not open to the public, she is under light construction/cleaning, so we stayed on the boat & didn’t get off at either stop. {this is a great way to do it, especially if you’ve already been there!}

kj & sela were in heaven on the ferry, they proudly wore their statue of liberty crowns!

this is a fine example of what i love about the city —
{battery park.}

kj and sela battery park chimes

{we had dinner here. a must if you are in nyc.}

we have been telling kj & sela about the ferris wheel inside the times square toys’r us forrrr-ever!

they were dying to go! and they were not disappointed.

day 2.

after sleeping-in, we started the day with crepes at one of our favorite little cafe’s.

then we walked down to central park for a horse drawn carriage ride through the park. we took lots of pictures of this, but i can’t seem to find them.

next, we took pedicabs {our kiddos LOVE these!} to the empire state building —
i highly recommend pre-paid express passes for this!

{new years eve festivities followed this.}

day 3.

our hotel was not far from the hershey’s & m&m stores.
the kids had a blast in both of these shops.

{i spy freshlypicked in nyc!}

kj was fascinated with this street artist {actually, we all were}, we watched him start – finish on three paintings. each painting took less than a few minutes. kj purchased one – he came home & hung this up in his room immediately. ♥

all four of my kiddos preparing for the drive home. love my boy surrounded by his sisters —

on our way home, we stopped 30 minutes outside of the city in Greenwich, Connecticut for dinner. the most charming place. we found a super cute restaurant & read on wikipedia all about this adorable town.

dudes. {and little dudes.} – we can’t wait to go back! to new york city & connecticut.

{all photos by me.}

3 responses to “nye in nyc. part 2”

  1. Oh my gosh! You are back!! I’ve honestly missed your blog, I was so pleasantly surprised when I clicked on your link and it wasn’t private anymore!! I’m so jealous that NYC is only 3 hours away, I absolutely love that place! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    I must know, where did Kiana get her striped bow bag? Is it from Freshly Picked? I just checked and didn’t see it on the link, but maybe it’s sold out?

  2. Next time you need a place to grab a bite on your way, Rein’s Deli in Vernon CT is a great stop, we often do takeout from there on our way to the city or Long Island.

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