nycda – salt lake city

…well, after most of our halloween festivities wrapped up last week,
we all headed up to salt lake city to meet up with kiana at her nycda
dance convention-competition.

here’s a little peek at how our family squishes ourselves into one hotel room.

yes, our youngest child throws a fit about her bed on the floor,
which usually means she ends up in someone else’s bed before 2am.

if you notice myla sunken in her bed,
she had messed with the remote-numbers on her bed,
and it was never quite right the rest of the night…

those ‘number’ beds just don’t make any sense to me!

we were all up & going very early on saturday morning, because kiana’s solo
was at 8am! this was the first time for her to perform this new solo by nikki loud. nikki is from seattle, and after she was a senior national nycda champion, she worked on the nycda staff for some time. she’s incredible & the day she choreographed kiana’s solo, she got the job done in one hour. it was magical.

kiana did such a great job! i won’t cheapen the moment with too many words,
you can see by the pictures that it was amazing…

i realize trying to explain the dance-world-awards-lingo is exhausting. for me to write it and for you to read, so i’ll say this. kiana earned a platinum AND the ‘highest-scoring-solo’ for the juniors..

good job, baby girl!!!

{wearing her sweatshirt soon after at anthropologie… time to relax!}

5 responses to “nycda – salt lake city”

  1. these pictures are AMAZING! She is one talented little girl, who is growing up WAY too fast! STOP!!

    love that she one for her Solo! that rocks!

  2. Could her lines be any more beautiful!!! Awesome job Kiana 🙂

    Quick funny story… I love Nikki. I was the runner up the year she won national outstanding dancer. I will forever remember standing there on the stage with shaking knees waiting for Joe to announce the winner. The words "Nikki Loud" rang in my head for days after I lost. I was so proud to make it that far but it hurt to come so close and not win 🙂

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