nycda nationals 2011

kiana and her dance studio had a great year at nationals. these photos are a glimpse of some of the dances kiana was in… i can’t explain with words how i feel when watching her dance. in fact, with our move to Boston, Kiana has had the longest break from dance that she’s had in about seven years, and i’m really missing seeing her on the stage. next week she and sela start training at the boston ballet school. we will have an entire year or more away from the competition scene, which will be very nice for her technical side of dance, but very strange… i hope to see my girls on stage soon!

we travelled across the country with this lamp post on the plane with us. it was 110 pounds, which was just under the maximum weight that you can travel with for checked baggage. lets just say: i hope kiana NEVER has a dance with a prop in it, ever again!!! however, we made one bell-man working graveyard very happy on the night before we were leaving – i was trying to find a dumpster for it in downtown nyc, and instead i asked him if he wanted it.. he smiled really big, and said he would love to take it home and put it in his front yard!

a final snapshot of miss thirteen in workshop classes. the dancers attend these classes for about five hours/day for one of the weeks while at nationals. each class is a different genre of dance. it’s a great opportunity to take classes from some very talented-professional dancers.

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  1. I am seriously laughing out loud about the lamp/prop. I can just see you dragging that around haha! And I thought luggage full of pointe shoes only was bad!. She looks amazing and beautiful and BB will LOVE having her I am positive. Hope to see her perform with them. It’s quite the experience with a professional ballet company!! xo Molly

  2. Thanks for catching us up all on your summer adventures-I’m sure I speak for most when I say we missed you! Glad to read you guys are happy and have a wonderful home!! Congrats!

  3. Her stage presence is amazing for 13! Gorgeous!!!!!! I can’t believe you carried the lamp on the plane. Too funny. I had no idea you could even take something like that.

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