nycda – mobile, alabama

miss twelve and i spent our weekend in mobile, alabama.

she attended a dance workshop there, with nycda.

three years ago, she set a goal, i mentioned it here and here.

well, now she is at the top of the junior age category, and we are working towards her goal…once again.

these six dancers: kiana {12}, darby {14}, jenna {16}, zoey {17}, justin {16}, and ruger {16} all had similar goals this weekend…

and they all met those goals! all six of these kids went to NYCDA Alabama & earned ‘outstanding dancer’ scholarships in each of their age divisions for nationals in new york city in july! this scholarship invites them all to attend a few days early, for an individual competition.

i am so proud of them! watching them push their limits to achieve these goals, is inspiring. to say the least. plus, i love these kids – they are so fun, energetic, kind, humble, i greatly anticipate seeing where their futures go…

congrats to all!!!

one of my blog readers recommended the pizza restaurant ‘mellow mushroom,’
in Mobile, and this joint was the best meal we had there all weekend…
thanks jessie for the tip!

{waiting for day 1 workshop classes to begin…}

{day 2}

these last two pictures were taken while miss twelve was in one of her workshop classes this past weekend. the teacher was andy blankenbuehler, who is an incredible broadway choreographer. he is starting the choreography for the new “bring it on” show today. kiana loved his musical theater classes & he pulled her on stage a dozen+ times to help demonstrate his choreography. miss twelve was glowing. her love of dance radiates.

…sometimes while i am watching my girl dance–all twelve mature years of her–i squint my eyes from afar and imagine looking at her years ago…before I was a momma…and i wonder just how blown away i would have been if you told me she was gonna be mine someday. if i could have quite possibly believed that i would be so fortunate. or that i would have understood the magnitude of love motherhood would teach me…

if you would have told me the passions and spirit she would bring into our home. if you would have told me the level of commitment she would have with her goals. i could have never comprehended it. her love of success is contagious.

this chocolate-haired young woman with big brown eyes and a strong soul that fights her inner independence when we try to wrap our love around her. she’s growing up. fast. she’s been our guinea pig for almost thirteen years, as i attempt to conquer parenthood and miserably failed so often. she’s forgiving. and patient. she meets me eye to eye when i’m challenging her, and she stretches my soul to grow more often than the reverse.

she is amazing.

and responsible and ambitious and feisty and funny and predictable and surprising, all at the same time.

and, absolutely gorgeous.

and she’s ours.

i am her only mom, in the whole world.
the only one.


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  1. Thats amazing! Even though i've never met you i'm proud of you. Thats awesome to have goals that young and accomplish them. You have a great gift, and i know you'll go far!

  2. You always express yourself so beautifully. You are an awesome motehr. We are proud of Kiana, too. She is an outstanding young lady.

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