nyc in an instagram.

…at the end of june & early july, kiana and i spent ten days in nyc, for her 2011 nycda dance nationals.

we stayed in a nice hotel squished right between times square and central park. it was a great location.

before i go any farther, let me say… i have a new-love. instagram. it’s an app you can get on the iphone {and other phones, but i don’t know which ones.} that allows you to take your phone photos, then tweak them into great little pieces of retro film art. you can also choose to share those photos on facebook, twitter, etc etc. it’s crazy-incredible! and, it’s fun to follow friends via creative pictures on a daily basis.

so. i took my “big” camera to nyc, and it stayed right in it’s case, right in our room, all tucked away.

i only used my iphone for pictures – which is oh-so-convenient, and tragic. because, i really should get better pictures while traveling! There will be more to come about miss thirteen dancing, but until then –

the instagram run down of this amazing city and all that i love about miss thirteen dancing in nyc as follows…

one trail i ran on my morning jogs in central park. pizza – we searched for the best pizza {continued my summer weight gain!}. kiana + her so-talented coach stacy and her company performing – my heart swells watching her dance. touring STEPS. touring julliard. outside cafe’ dining. kiana + her besties. dressing fancy for the galas. hitting the city after the galas. our favorite meal of crepes. shopping at the worlds largest forever 21 in times square. midnight jaunts for cupcakes. stealing the final gala balloons at 2am, and sneaking the girls out to the nyc streets to let them go – a true farewell to 2011 nationals. our first train ride from nyc to boston.

miss thirteen dancing in nyc…
{to be continued.}

7 responses to “nyc in an instagram.

  1. sad i missed getting to see you! and your post below made me sad…. i know that feeling way too well right now of leaving friends and just hoping that time is standing still for them so i don’t miss out on things 🙂 hope you are loving boston though!

  2. So when I try to post a comment below, it transfers me to Becky’s Blog? All the pics make me miss everyone. I’m sure you guys are so missed. But my favorite pics are the one where it looks like Danny and Cory are a couple on the group date (Ha!) and the watermelon carriage – Too cute! Luvs!

  3. Oh my goodness, you’re back! I finally figured out my password, yay 🙂 I hope you guys are getting settled and doing great!

  4. Fun shots! Looks like a fun trip! (But while the instagram pics are fun, please DO take some “real” ones where ever you go as well… If not for me, for posterity!) Miss you~

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